***Order of the Shield Program***

New York, New York

Private Studies Music Program

The Neupauer Conservatory Order of the Shield Program is unique in its conception. First of all, it gives the gifted student a complete European style conservatory education on a one-to-one basis with a master teacher. Second, it embraces the intricacies and diversities of present-day music that penetrates American life. Third, it allows the student to apprentice in his or her chosen field as quickly as possible ( in some cases coinciding with their studies ) under the guidance of their mentor.

The Order of the Shield Program is more than a conservatory education. It is becoming part of a unique fraternity of musicians who are committed to constant growth, change, and expansion of the basis of a solid foundation.

The Order of the Shield Program is not a trendy and up to date program promising immediate career results. It is more likely a rite of passage into the ever-changing world of musical arts. Our graduates become equipped to tackle practically anything on a rational as well as philosophical basis.

In the past, the most significal trainings were always one-to-one. Bach studied with Pachelbel, Beethoven with Haydn, Berg with Schoenberg, Copland with Boulanger ( Boulanger with Faure ) . Thus, the Order of the Shield Program is timeless, ever present, and as a result, the most contemporary musical program that anyone could desire.

True, The Order of the Shield Program is not for everyone. First of all, it offers no degrees as many of our graduates have earned degrees in major institutions prior to the Order of the Shield . Second, it makes no false promises. Does a college degree promise a career ? Candidates must work hard and possess the right attitude in order to earn our diploma.

Our graduates are successful individuals who have proven themselves in their chosen fields and are constantly improving themselves. Some have achieved star-status, some are composers, teachers, music editors, producers and arrangers. Some are stay-putters, some bi-coastal, some international.

Perhaps you've met some of them, and were impressed by their versatility and flexibility, as well as their open-ness and integrity.

Do you see yourself as an Order of the Shield person? Contact us or call us ( 212-876-0827 ). We will be very happy to discuss with you the possibilities. Our fees are no higher than that of world-class private teachers.

Our faculty consists of only world-class private teachers.

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