The following are Bill Schimmel's Anthologies. They consist of essays, drawings, compositions and philosophical tracts. Most of them are done in the composer's own hand. A useful tool not only for the accordionist, but also for anyone interested in Dr.Schimmel's philosophies based on pluralistic visions, musical reality and Tango related concepts.


Accordion Mixology - (The essential William Schimmel) - $75.00

Milking your Accordion- $25.00


Confessions of an Accordionist with St. Augustine Syndrom

Theatre of Embarrasment

Corrente (Running)


The Wisdom of Insignificance



How to Play Happy Birthday Anywhere

Murder, Suicide, Rubbers and White Trash

Poetic Essays

Musical Reality


Falling From Grace


Composing On a large Scale


Building Melodies


Zen Phrasing


Improving Aural Skills


Thinking inside the Box


Dual Teaching


How to Play Softly


Beethoven Scored


Seven Modes


Learning From Lawrence






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