Tango of the Winds (with Micki Goodman)

Road to Patagonia (with Micki Goodman)

Opera Fisarmonica (with Micki Goodman)

Dead End Ave (with Micki Goodman)

Schimmel Interviews (with Micki Goodman)

Frankie Young and the Mystery of the Pink Socks (with Micki Goodman and Michael Schimmel )

AAA Master Classes and Concerts --132 videos

The Charles Magnante workshop 1992 (A re-enactment by Dr. Schimmel)

The Unforgivable Sin-Evidence-part I (with Micki Goodman)

Falling From Grace- part II (with Micki Goodman)

Anonymous Bach (Bass Accordion Suite) (with Micki Goodman)

Live at CUNY Graduate Center

Live at PS 146

Beethoven, Real and Unreal

The Unforgivable Sin part III: PAROUSIA: New Films by Micki Goodman wiith music by William Schimmel.

What is this Thing called the Accordion? Part IV

The Unforgivable Sin - complete- Parts I, II III and IV

Zen And The Art Of The Foxtrot- Composed and performed by Dr. Schimmel.  Directed by Micki Goodman.  Edited by Deborah Magocsi.  Live performance: Allyssa Lamb

Archipelago- Directed and choreographed by Micki Goodman.  Edited by Deborah Magocsi.  Music by Dr. Schimmel.  Performed by Dr. Schimmel and Martin Kuuskmann.  Danced by Micki Goodman and Marika Du Reitz

The Tango Project Live---Dr. Schimmel, accordion with Michael Sahl, piano and Mary Rowell, violin

That Won't Work! An educational film about child abuse narrated by F. Murray Abraham- A film by Nancy Marshall- Music by William Schimmel- Lyrics by Scott Burris

San Man- A film by Nick Doob-About New York's Sanitation Dep.

Rivers of the Deep South - An Oasis in Time- The Keys Initiative for the Nature Conservancy by Jon Huberth and Nick Doob.

Civil War Tangos- A film by Micki Goodman, edited by Deborah Magocsi- Performed by William Schimmel and Micki Goodman

A Brief History of Plaid - from Gymel to Grunge
directed by Micki Goodman edited by Deborah Magocsi
music by William Schimmel and performed by Allyssa Lamb, vocals and melodica William Schimmel, bass accordion and vocals

Tom Waits - David Letterman Show 1985 part 1

Tom Waits - David Letterman Show 1985 part 2

Odeon in Brazil

YouTube Al Pacino Scent of a Woman

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